Look After Your Girls

I recently read a magazine article about a new book called Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History by Florence Williams.  She writes that our lifestyle, diet and reproductive habits have changed a lot in the last 60 years or so and our breasts have been affected greatly.  And not in a good way.  Increased pollution, food additives and preservatives have exposed them to toxic chemicals that have upped our risk for cancer.  These toxins have also shown up in our breast milk, getting passed down to our babies.  This is alarming news and I needed to find out more.

24 May 2012

How is it that these toxins get into our breasts anyhow?  We eat them, drink them and inhale them.  Once in our bloodstream, they need a nice fatty place to go and our breasts contain a large amount of fat.  Once there, that is where the toxins stay and it's very difficult (almost impossible) to get them out.  If we can't get them out, then it stands to reason that we need to make sure they don't get in there in the first place.  I'm not a doctor or nutritionist, but I know that a good diet and regular exercise are important.  So are healthy choices surrounding alcohol and smoking.  We knew this already, right?  But did you know that we need to think about our personal care products too?  Some of our shampoos, moisturizers, body washes and deodorants contain toxic chemicals and once absorbed by the skin, those toxins often end up in our breasts.  Most of our body products contain artificial fragrances to make them smell clean and fresh.  They contain preservatives called parabens to prevent the products from going rancid or mouldy.  They could also contain petroleum-based ingredients and traces of lead and mercury.  All of these are toxic.  Exposure to them increases our cancer risk, disrupts our hormones and interferes with our body's natural immune functions.
In present day society, the health of our breasts is low in the list of things that come to mind when they are mentioned.  Who cares if you are an A cup or a D cup?  What does it matter that your string bikini makes “the girls” look better than your strapless top?  We have more important things to worry about ladies!  If you have products in your home with toxic ingredients, stop using them!  Read the ingredients on the package!  Soon, our website will have a great reference list of the ingredients you need to avoid when doing your shopping.  Use it!  Your breasts are counting on you to take care of them.  Don't disappoint them.

For a hilarious review of Florence Williams's new book, check out this one by Lindy West:  http://slate.me/Kv4GTh.

- Lori