Diaper Rash or .....!!??

First-time parents make me laugh.  They need two of every baby care product in the store.  They buy a bassinet, a cradle and a crib and their baby ends up sleeping in bed with them.  Everything must be colour coordinated from the pacifier to the car seat.  And every tear, red spot or temperature increase has them flush with worry and running frantically to the E.R.  I can laugh, because this was ME!
Put the car back in the garage, mom and dad.  We can't fix all of your baby's ailments, but when it comes to diaper rash at least, we've got you covered.  Our new Natural Baby line launched recently with our first product – Diaper Rash and Chafe Cream.
8 February 2012
Although this cream was already in our idea book, its actual creation came about over Christmas when Anne's little nine-month-old niece developed a flaming red bottom.  Rather than running to the pharmacy for something (i.e. a tube of chemicals), Anne decided to whip up a batch of all-natural diaper rash cream that would put out the fire.  With her extensive knowledge of natural remedies and a cupboard full of ingredients, it didn't take Anne long to come up with a winning combination.  Our Diaper Rash and Chafe Cream is rich in moisturizers to soothe baby's delicate skin and healing ingredients like calendula oil, borage oil and aloe leaf juice.  Lavender, chamomile and tea tree essential oils provide a light scent, as well as comfort and relief.  Anne's niece was back to her usual happy self soon after, and her parents were glad that her sensitive, irritated skin didn't have to be slathered in a slurry of toxic, synthetic, cancer-causing substances.
In spite of all your best efforts, diaper rash is going to happen.  When it does, go for a natural choice.  Your baby will feel better and so will you.  You will stop worrying!  Now, you will have the energy to focus on other things, like the little brown spot on your baby's elbow.  Oh no!  Everybody, in the car!
- Lori